Sunday, 27 October 2013

Long time no blogging

Hi crafting friends , sorry I've been missing from blogland for awhile . I have been crafting though. I've recently been into decorating boxes and making flowers, these I will blog in other posts.
Any way in my last post I said we where moving house, Chester, well best laid plans and all that ! well it all fell through at the last minute. We where packed , I'd sold my 2 leather sofas to a friend and then a bomb shell ! the woman buying the bungalow of the couple buying our house pulled out. We were gutted, and went off the idea of moving at all. So we are staying put and making improvements to our house . new kitchen, walls down and maybe a downstairs loo.
Hope your all fine and having a lovely crafting time. The clocks have gone back , dark so early then yuk, and a storm is brewing over the UK, so best just get cosy in your raft dens.


Beryl said...

New sofas as well by the sound of it. So sorry you didn't get the new home you wished for but hope the improvements you are making to your current home make you love it all over again.
Beryl xx

pinky said...

Sorry to hear about the sale falling through Jane but maybe its all meant to be that way. You'll enjoy your new home improvements and probably feel safer in an area you know already. Best of luck. Hope you are ok during that storm. My daughter says its pretty grim where she is.

Anonymous said...

How stressful - no wonder you've decided to stay put!! Everything happens for a reason!

Christine said...

Sorry to hear that your sale fell through but I am sure you will enjoy doing your home improvements. It was good to meet you again, if briefly, at Port Sunlight
Christine xx