Friday, 3 February 2017

Is it me or is card blogging dying !

I think card blogging is on the down , I post a card and have little interest , my pinterest does a lot better . To blog a card takes time and effort and a lot of the time challenges you enter don't even have time to comment . I'm not complaining just saying what I've conceived . Do you think the same or differ ?

sign of the times maybe . jane x


cotnob said...

You are right Jane, I think it's much easier for people to pop a card on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest and it's much easier to just click on like than it is to go to a blog and leave a comment - it's a shame though as I detest Facebook, I think people say things on there that they would never say in person -I wouldn't go on it if I didn't have to for some of my design teams.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

I'm not a big fan of face book but I think pinterest is maybe the future for cards .

coldwaters2 said...

I agree with you Jane it is hard work posting on a blog these days apart from the loyal friends very few comment these days, like Pauline I am not a lover of Facebook but I belong to a couple of DT's that only use FB so I have to grin and bear it, chin up you always produce the most fantastic work
lorraine x

Pia S said...

Well, I'm not planning to move to Facebook in the near future, so I'll be around:) I read some articles on a Norwegian crafting website, some women are now not publishing their work any more because of the stress of mean comments. I think in blogland people are still keeping it very nice and civilized. I like that.